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Helpful information to share with your translator

Updated: Feb 15

Making your international customers feel seen and understood is key to turning website visitors into customers. A translator can help you reach your goals by translating your online content into a language that your customers understand.

But what details do you need to share with your translator at the start of the project? What information is helpful for your translator when they're preparing a quote for your project?

I've got a list of important details below that help me create a quote that's tailored to your project.

Infographic with a list of information that is useful for a translator

Must-have information

  • Language combination

    • I work exclusively from German and Spanish into English. If you need a translation from English into German, I have fantastic colleagues I can recommend. Do you want British English, American English, another variant? It’s important we use the variant that your customers are speaking so that they feel seen in your content.

  • Word count

    • How many words do you want translated? You can give an estimate or use the "word count" function in your word processing tool. The word count gives me a rough idea of how long the project is and helps me estimate a delivery date.

  • Your goals

    • What are your objectives with this piece of content? Why are you translating it? Where will it be published? Who will be reading it?

  • Deadline

    • When do you want to publish this piece of content? Sharing your deadline helps me organise my time so that I can get the translation back to you when you need it.

Nice-to-have information

  • Style guide and previous translations

    • Do you have a brand style guide that needs to be followed in the translation? Any particular grammatical or stylistic preferences? Any brand-specific spellings that I should be aware of?

    • If you’ve had your content translated before, can you share a link to the translations? This gives me an idea of the type of translation you’re looking for. If you’re unhappy with previous translations, can you tell me why?

  • Short sample of the text

    • Can you send me a short sample of the text? Reading through part of the text beforehand helps me provide you with a more accurate quote for the project.

  • Format of the text

    • Is your text in a Word document? Google Doc? Is it a PDF? Do you want the translation returned in the same format?

No one knows your content better than you do. Sharing as many details as possible about your translation project with me means that we’re on the same page from the start. The more detailed the information you share with me, the smoother the project will run and the quicker you’ll have the finished translation in your hands.


Hi, I'm Cathy, language nerd, lake-swimmer, long-time rower 🚣

I’m here to help you communicate in English with authenticity and accuracy. Get in touch here.

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