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[noun] | German
the feeling you have for a language


Hello, I’m Cathy, language nerd, lake-swimmer, long-time rower 🚣

I’m also a freelance translator working in GERMAN>ENGLISH and SPANISH>ENGLISH

Why I do what I do

I’m here to help you communicate in English with authenticity and accuracy, closing the gap between you, your ideal customer, and your goals.

My story

My love of languages developed during my Erasmus semesters in Spain and Germany. Free from the classroom and immersed in local culture, I had my first experience of Sprachgefühl: that feeling you get when language just works.


Next, came an MA in Translation to learn the theory behind Sprachgefühl. I studied the mechanics of deconstructing sentences in one language and rebuilding them in another. The juxtaposition of rigidness and fluidity in translation had me hooked!


Following my Masters, I moved to East Germany. I fell in love with the idea of becoming a translator, bridging the linguistic and cultural gap to help others. My dream came true, and I’ve spent the last two years translating for businesses including Gusti Leder.


Sustainable & ethical

My impact on the world matters to me. That’s why I love working with ethical and sustainable businesses. My experience in this sector gives me an invaluable understanding of the language, terminology, and cultural differences specific to the space and its target audience.

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  • BA Hons Spanish and German Studies, Lancaster University, UK

  • MA Translation Studies, Lancaster University, UK

  • Erasmus semester at the Universidad de Granada, Spain, and the Universität Trier, Germany

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