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How to attract more British customers this May

Updated: Feb 15

Summer is almost here, the weather’s getting warmer, and across the UK people are looking forward to relaxing in the sun. May is a great time to promote your products to your British audience, but you need to make sure you hit them with these offers on the right day! Otherwise, you risk your promotions falling flat and not generating the buzz and sales you’re hoping for!

Unlike Germany and the United States, the UK celebrates Mother’s Day in March. So, sending Mother’s Day promotions in May could leave your customers wondering if you really know them at all.

But, fear not! You can adapt and share your fantastic offers with your British audience in May by taking advantage of the great British Bank Holidays.

There are two important Bank Holidays in May in the UK

In the UK, we have two Bank Holidays in May - the Early May Bank Holiday which is always the first Monday in May (6th May 2024), and the Spring Bank Holiday which is always the last Monday in May (27th May 2024).

Us Brits like to take advantage of these Bank Holiday weekends in a couple of different ways; visiting friends and family, going to the pub, and most notably, shopping ‘til we drop using promotions offered by our favourite brands.

If you’re looking to send promotions to your British followers this May, then the Bank Holidays are the perfect time to do so. These two Bank Holidays are two opportunities to engage with your British audience and keep your brand in their thoughts as we move through the month.

The Early May Bank Holiday is the perfect time to reintroduce yourself and your products to your British audience. Then use the Spring Bank Holiday to remind your followers about your fantastic products and deals. Warm them up and then share an offer they can’t resist.

Show your British audience you care

Marketing your promotions to your British audience shows them that you actually care about them and understand that they’re different from your US-based or international audience. A simple change to the scheduling and wording of your promotions will go a long way in creating and cultivating connections with your British followers.

Another thing that’ll go a long way with your followers is asking your audience which promotions they’d like to receive throughout the year. In recent years, more and more British brands send an email out at the beginning of March asking their subscribers if they’d like to receive Mother’s Day promotions.

A quick email like this shows your audience that you care about them and you’re empathetic towards each person’s situation.

Making your promotions a little more personal will automatically make your brand feel more authentic and help you establish real relationships with your audience. And this will ultimately help you sell to your British audience more successfully.



There are two important May Bank Holidays in the UK: the first Monday of May and the last Monday of May.

You need to tailor your offers in May to your British audience if you want to sell to them. Your Mother’s Day promotions are best saved until next March.

Showing your British audience that you know and care about them is a sure-fire way to impress them and help you stand out from the crowd, so you can be seen as a brand that truly cares about its customers!


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