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Language services
I’m Cathy, a freelance translator based in Germany, near the Baltic Sea.



I work with businesses and agencies looking to thrive in the UK market, particularly ethical and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands. 

You can call on me for one-off translations or short-term support, as and when you need. But to really get the most out of our partnership, let’s collaborate long-term. When I get to know you and your brand, when you feel like I’m one of the team: that’s where the magic happens. 


Your goals

You're here because you want to:

  • Create a buzz around your brand in Britain

  • Communicate with confidence in the UK market

  • Relate to your British customers by speaking their language well

  • Reflect your brand's quality in your communications

Read on to find out how my services can help.


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Give your customers a tailor-made experience of your brand. Homepages, product descriptions, brand stories, buttons, forms, and shopping basket copy: delivered ready to go live.


Book my services

Why work with me

I measure every translation I do against two important touchstones.

  1. The best translation is invisible: it never gets in the way of your brand looking its best

  2. No translation is an island: it works within a wider context of your brand, your industry, and your audience

This means your translation will be:


I research your brand and your market to provide the most appropriate translation to achieve your goals. The result adheres to your style guide (in English or German) and coordinates with your existing content.


Culturally adapted

Living in Germany and coming from the UK, I can juggle puns, inside jokes, and cultural events from both countries. I’ll benchmark your tone of voice and language choice against comparable brands in the UK, so you stand out for all the right reasons.


Clearly explained

As you expand overseas, you need confidence in your messaging. All my translations come with a user guide in your native language, so you know exactly what it says and why. I’ll even share multi-media examples to help you get a feel for the phrases.


Consistently flawless

Over the years, I’ve developed a rigorous, multi-staged checking process to achieve a flawless finish. One of the most important steps is getting a second, third, and sometimes fourth opinion from relevant native speakers to check my suggestions work in real life.


How it works

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s how your translation project will run.


1. Contact

Send me an email sharing what you’d like help with. You can find out about what information you should share on my blog.


2. Brief

We have a call (or you fill out a questionnaire if you prefer) to agree on the project, the timeline, and how much it’ll cost.


3. Create

You’ll receive your first draft via email, or I can upload it direct to your website if you like. Drafts always include guidelines in your mother tongue to help you check and understand your translation.


4. Polish

We have up to two rounds of feedback to make any tweaks or edits. I always want a result we’re both proud of!

Your finished content

  • Ready to publish: no extra editing or proofreading needed

  • Packed with your personality

  • Consistent with your existing content

  • Accurate and culturally adjusted to British eyes and ears

One month later, I’ll check in and see how you’re doing. Your progress and success are important to me, and I’ll be excited to hear your news.  

Let’s talk rates.

In translation, every project is different. The quickest way to find out how much your project will cost is to send it to me. I’ll reply with a custom quote, free of charge or obligation.

Accurate and stylish, her technical expertise shines through

“We have worked with Cathy on a number of translation and subtitling projects, and we have always been impressed with her conscientious approach and attention to detail. She produces translations that are both accurate and stylish, and her technical expertise shines through in carefully crafted subtitles. We would not hesitate to recommend Cathy.”

-Senior Project Manager, UK-based translation agency

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